Kristopher Karpowicz Presents

IDENTITY - an ongoing photo project

Stockholm, Sweden - London, UK - New York City, NY - Los Angeles, CA


   My artistic practice “Identity” evolves around my own image and I’ve been shooting stories with different themes at various locations since 2009. I work and collaborate with gay, or gay-friendly photographers. The first series begun in Stockholm, Sweden and further continued in America. 

   Topics from the LGBT community such as bondage and vanity play a central role in the early series, developing into other facets of my personality, allowing a gender-fluid expression. The process of photography and post-production has morph me into different personas while discovering myself. 

   The latest stop of my nomadic journey is London. In developing The Prince -series, I drew inspiration from the capital’s rich Royal history, including a nod to the tradition of elegant sartorial and military style, which can be seen in the Dorset regiment jacket I’m wearing.

The imagery encourage the viewer to build an unique narrative around it. 

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Santa Monica Beach, LA | 2018 | Photo: myself

Previous shoots...

Perry Green, Hertfordshire | 2017 | Photo: myself

East Village, Manhattan | 2015 | Photo Brett Lindell

Bondage & chiaroscuro in New York's gritty East Village

West Village, Manhattan | 2014 | Photo Pix Talarico

West Village, Manhattan | 2014 | Photo Daniel Graindorge

East India, London | 2017 | Photo: Oliver Sarley

South Orange Grove Avenue, Los Angeles | 2016 | Photo Alessandro Capoccia

Shot on South Orange Grove Avenue in Los Angeles, capturing a blonde self on this balmy and palmy morning. The shots were then used for an advertising campaign for Eyepetizer - an Italian eyewear brand 

Dumbo, Brooklyn | 2016 | Photo Jason Nakleh

Collaboration with Jason Nakleh from Brooklyn. Taken by the waterfront in Dumbo neighborhood across the water from Manhattan

East Harlem, Manhattan | 2015 | Photo Jason Wu

An ode to glitch art, Robert Mapplethorpe & Huma Bhabha 

Stockholm, Sweden | 2009 | Photo Frida Bergman