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Education of Kristopher Karpowicz

Kristopher Karpowicz has a degree in Strategic Design & Management from Parsons The New School in New York City. The program is relatively new and encompasses several topics and courses within the design and business world. 

Classes: Ethical Decisions & Leadership - Innovation - Financial Management - Business Ethics - Integrative Research & Development - Strategic Management - History of Design 1850 - 2000 - Info Visualization - Quantitative Reasoning 2 - Managing Creative Teams - Business Models & Entrepreneurial Strategy - Senior Project - Thesis - Internship  



Co-ordination involves managing time and workflow, through tools such as Excel and communication with stakeholders. Forward-thinking and planning is also essential

By being employed by several companies on-site over time I gained the skill and interest for digital and work co-ordination. A skillset that's very crucial in retouching

A confident co-ordinator brings a valuable and important role to any kind of business and I've been very fortunate to apply it to my own company. And something I'm willing to expand & learn more about in the future



Through vital hands-on experience & a degree in business / management; I've built a professional approach to my business. Whether it's finances or scheduling you can count on a righteous and honest execution of projects. 

Managing a group of like-minded co-workers or one's own business; there's a need of innovative and cost-saving actions. An creative approach to issue & problem solving is crucial for a successful retouching career.

Management involves: Planning, communication, innovation, creativity, risk-taking